Stop!! Don’t say that!  (Fate and Tempting Fate) 

“I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fufil our destiny, but our fate is sealed” 

                        – Paul Coelho 

See the thing is, Im not really into stuff like this; destiny, Fate, and so on (ironically that’s the name of my blog but that’s a story for another day) . But earlier this week I remembered a discussion my friends and I had some time back.

We were talking about an upcoming game and the outcome of the game. It so happened that the team we were supporting had a greater chance of winning, and I like stating the obvious so I said  Ah bro never mind we are going to win that game”and so I remember my friend telling me, Stop, dont say that. You are tempting fate.” and so naturally I assumed he was going crazy. I mean, I can say whatever I want to say bro, and what will happen will surely happen .Duhh!!

But when I recently gave thought to that little incident, I realised that sometimes I do really silly things like wearing my right sock first before my left sock for good luck or walking on the right side of a sidewalk.

Okay, okay, so maybe I am even crazier than I thought my friend to be. Just dont dwell on that too much and continue reading😁. 

But I asked around and I found out that some of my friends  do similar, though not as incredibly stupid as me ,but you get the point though. 

People, well, some people tend to do things because they believe it will bring them a sorta good fortune or that things would turn out to be in their favour, which in the long run would determine their fate so to speak. I mean a life full of good luck is a happy life right?

But the truth is that, deep down if we really think about it, we would realise its all, well, rubbish. Okay it works a feeew times. But those turns of good fortune dont come from what we actively do. YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? Good. 

But since I am talking about fate, I need to know the meaning.  To me fate is the outcome of everything including your life. There are lots of different opinions on the meaning; you can give your opinion if you have a differing thought on that meaning. But to me I think that that is the general meaning, removing the crystal balls and star gazers from the equation. (No offense to star gazers, I mean I really love you guys work)

I also think that fate is natural and that even if there was no English word for it, it would still exist because, well, its fate! Most people tend to use the word fate negatively. I think that that is just unnecessarily melodramatic. I can imagine an old woman in rags yelling in a scratchy voice you cant change it, accept it. Its your fate then she laughs one weird high pitched laugh. Oh the shivers #rollseyes. Whatever the outcome, good or bad, it should be considered as fate.

Now as for tempting fate, I think we have all agreed its just a pile of cow dung. But one other way of looking at tempting fate is overcoming the odds to prove something wrong. And that something is always mostly a fact. Now that can either be a good thing of a bad thing. its a good thing if the proposed outcome is positive(I wanted to give an example of a particular English soccer club , but well it will just irritate non soccer fans because Id just go on and on and on!) anyways, moving on…

It can also be a bad thing. Because I dont think anyone would want to jump off a plane naked without a parachute to see if he or she will bounce at when they land. That could also be tempting fate. Although if anyone wants to really find out you can email me the location and I assure you Id be there next to youwith my camera ready of course.

 So now we have seen that tempting fate, by some respects is not really a real thing, but we have also seen from a different definition that it can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on our motive. Well, I will stop here. Im glad Im done with this post, I creeped myself out writing it. Because like I earlier said, fate and stuff like that arent  really my thing and two weeks ago I would have not have believed I even thought about this topic.

But before I go, did you know that; the loneliest creature on the earth is a whale who has been calling out for a mate for over two decades but whose high pitched voice is so different from other whales that they never respond! That is so sad. But I guess thats just fate.

      Goodnight and God bless peeps!



  1. Tempting Fate, along with knocking wood, is one of these beliefs based on if we are too happy, proud or basically things are going well we are going to be punished. Its like a primal fear or perhaps the feeling that we don’t deserve the best. Sad when you look at it, but its passed down without great analysis.

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  2. Fate is an event that you cannot control by definition. Yet in our lives we can do so many different things to alter outcomes. I believe “fate” is what you make it.
    Great read! Really intriguing and a thinker!

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