How are you feeling?….. Wait I don’t care! 

Your emotions are slave to your thoughts and you are slave to your emotions

                    – Elizabeth Gilbert 

So I decided to begin by talking about emotions because well, everybody got ’em aye?

Hey hold up. I was going to tell you what I would have named this blog originally- “the blog that was never meant to be”.

There said it, yeah I know it’s really weird so you can stop laughing now. It was silly and I’m still wondering how I came up with that.

 So emotions! It’s a really funny and complex feeling and as you saw from my naming skills I am certainly no genius, so I’m just going to say a few things then I’m done.

    I read somewhere that according to scientists, there are eight primary emotions; joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, blah, blah, blah and other emotions like love are a combo of the primary emotions. 

But you and I know that we can very boldly say that there are only 5 basic emotions.

I mean haven’t those scientists ever heard of the inside out movie? smh.

 C’mon that movie was brilliant and it can put every scientist findings to shame (Sorry scientists and psychologists. don’t take this personal, my love for animated  Disney movies conquers all)

This makes me wonder, what exactly does the word ‘emotion’ mean?

        While you think about that I’d try to give an answer. I personally think emotions are those weird things in our brain we can’t really understand most times, that force our facial muscles to contort into different shapes. Ha! Nailed it. (I’m beginning to feel smarter now).

Anyways, that was my definition. You can tell me yours or read the boring definition ,which is as follows: it’s a state in which a monitoring mechanism acquires a tendency (i.e. deposition, possibly suppressed) to redirect or modulate some other processes or collection of processes!

 Okay, now that was really boring and to be frank an unnecessary use of big words. Alright now that we have cleared that obstacle; I would try to give my thoughts on understanding them.

So we know from the quote above that emotions are not consciously controlled. Which makes me pleased to announce to mind control movie enthusiasts that: wait for it, *drumroll* We are under our own mind control! Bam!

In understanding our emotions we can ask ourselves this basic how questions

  • How do I feel? And how do other people make me feel?
  • How do others feel? And how do i make other people feel?

We should also try to notice and actively consider reasons for outbursts of emotions when they do happen, that would make it much easier to control how we feel. So emotions are a good thing…well generally, it all depends on our reasoning behind them. And also remember that just as people hurt our emotions or feelings we can also do the same.

 Hey!!! I just thought about this now, our emotions play a role in affecting our personalities, or the other way round I’m not really a psychologist or a shrink, so there! Think about that please.

I don’t really want to bore you with all this talk so I’ll stop here.

     But before I go,

 Did you know that: being ignored triggers a reaction in the brain similar to experiencing a physical injury?    Until next time guys

                                                                     Goodnight and God bless peeps!



  1. Very interesting read, and I agree with it. It’s also crazy how we react to different sets of stimuli – e.g. The reaction to being ignored as well as someone’s reaction when they are hugged or something. I read somewhere That a hug lasting for more than a few seconds can lead to someone being happier throughout the day…but idk lol

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  2. You are funny and smart. Will you please tell me your source re the brain’s reaction to being ignored? Its interesting that our very close relatives – all the big apes – punish nonconformists by ignoring them. A chimpanzee or gorilla, say, can really be driven crazy that way.

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  3. Hi there!
    The movie Inside Out is hilarious to say the least, and I really enjoyed watching it.
    The boring definition of emotion IS BORING! I read it over like twice, but I could only see ‘processes’. 😉 I think I’ll just stick with your definition. You say you’re not a psychologist, but you sound like you have a lot of knowledge about psychology. 🙂
    I like the way you write, your blend of seriousness and humour.
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog, commenting, and following. I really appreciate it.
    I look forward to reading even more of your wonderful stuff!

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